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Kenneth E. (Ken) Earle
Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Ken brings extensive corporate management experience to small business consulting, with broad achievements in telecommunications, real estate property management, construction management, and hospitality back office operations. He holds MHIC, MD Home Inspectors, and restricted Master Electrician licenses in Maryland and is a Certified PCI Security Implementer.

Earning a MBA in Finance from Hood College and a BS in Accounting & Information Technology from the University of Maryland, Ken began his career at McDonnell Douglas PSC, working directly on the Tymshare/Tymnet payment systems as a Systems Accountant. Over the next 15 years, he advanced in many positions at Contel ASC, NHP Management, Galaxy Expocard, and Winstar Communications before starting his own telecom business in 1999.

While at Contel ASC, Ken was instrumental in standardizing processes regarding travel expense reimbursements, revenue recognition, and financial reporting. He was recognized and awarded an Employee of the Quarter.

At NHP Management, Ken streamlined processes in property management including budget preparations, performance reporting, and year-end audits.  He was recognized for outstanding achievement earning several performance awards and growing rapidly through promotions.

Hired by TSF Communications after acquiring Galaxy Expocard as Chief Financial Officer, Ken was tasked to overhaul the Accounting Department and come up with a plan for Galaxy to repay outstanding loans to TSF.  In less than a year, Ken was able to reconcile all outstanding accounts, including cash (which hadn't been reconciled in years), and repay all outstanding loans to TSF.  He researched and implemented a streamlined travel reimbursement policy,  and introduced an effective project cost system enabling the firm to analyze individual trade show profitability. Another high-impact change was implementing a new exempt/non-exempt policy bringing the staff categorization into compliance.

At Winstar Communications, Ken’s initial task was to perform a first-ever nationwide audit and physical inventory of installed telecommunication equipment. Working with inside field employees and outside contractors, the project was able to account for 97% of the installed base which was applauded by the external auditors.  Coincidentally, Ken co-managed a project to design and implement a new asset management system to track and account for purchased revenue generating assets.  Ken received corporate recognition as Employee of the Quarter and subsequently promoted for his efforts.  Next, Ken built a national warehousing infrastructure utilizing the Tier 1/Tier 2 methodology; direct and indirect supervision of over 50 employees and 100,000 sq. ft. of space.

Ken’s next venture was creating his own telecommunications consulting business, Kyawa Communications, with Winstar being its first  customer.  While at Winstar, Ken visualized a process that would enable Winstar to build out it’s nationwide wireless infrastructure at accelerated rates with lower costs and higher quality control.  Ken left Winstar and returned to pitch his idea.  Winstar jumped at the opportunity and the project was a huge success.  Joining forces with Project Interface Connections, Ken has been providing custom products and services to Nokia (formerly Lucent Technologies and Alcatel-Lucent).  Kyawa also provides these products and services to other telecommunication carriers including ATT, Verizon/Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.  Kyawa Communications also installs full-service surveillance systems, point-of-sale networks, and commercial audio, video, and security.

As a Business Consultant, Ken was extensively involved with Brenda's Pizzeria, Trader's Coffee House, and Ace's Run at Deep Creek Lake in Oakland, MD. Ken performed several financial audits and was able to obtain over $5k in credits from Verizon and renegotiated very favorable rates for telephone service.  He was also able to renegotiate favorable rates from Comcast for video and Internet services.  As stated in the PCI page, Ken performed a PCI Compliance audit in response to an inquiry from VISA and was able to validate that there were no data breaches. He is developed a compliance and operating plan for use by his client. If you process credit cards, you may benefit from a PCI Compliance audit.  Talk to your processor to see if such an audit and compliance plan would reduce your rates.

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