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As a leader in your company, how would you address the following questions?

Do you have a major project that isn't going as planned?

Is your company missing production deadlines?

Are your staff's current roles and responsibilities causing problems?

Is your administration backlogged?

Do you have high turnover or find it difficult to hire quality staff?

Are you missing project budget numbers?

Are your clients unhappy?

Do you know if your employees are productive?


I can help.  Let's discuss your concerns and determine what help I can provide you in order to achieve the results you expect from your company.  A fresh approach will give you an objective perspective of the current situation that exists.  From there, we can work on a plan of attack to solve the issues. I will help you accomplish the success you envision.  My wide-range background in corporate and small business will strengthen your company's ability to operate efficiently.  I can bring expertise in these areas:




Strategic planning

Accounting and financial analysis

Process analysis and improvement plans

Headcount analysis and budgeting

Operational management

Vendor reconciliations

Project management

PCI audits and compliance plans


Company handbooks




Sales/Sales Support

Local area network (LAN) analysis

Customer visits

Surveillance/security analysis and improvement plans

Scope definition

Site surveys

Equipment purchase recommendations